Matthew Conrad

Highly motivated web developer with one year of experience designing and developing web applications. Possesses excellent communication skills and a strong desire to learn. Skilled in aspects of front end development, such as working in React, as well as back end programming.


Front End: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Sass, Bootstrap

Libraries: jQuery, React, Redux, Material-UI, Three.js

Back End: Node.js, PHP, SQL, MySQL, MongoDB

Frameworks: Express, Laravel, Next.js, Gatsby

Tools: Git, npm, Composer, Webpack, Gulp.js

Operating Systems: Linux, macOS, Windows


Freelance Developer


Designed front end UI applying a mobile-first approach to responsive web design, tested JavaScript code using TDD/BDD principles in Mocha, and deployed projects to either GitHub Pages or Heroku.


Project: TravelStar | Travel App (
Environment: HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Laravel
• Designed interfaces using jQuery UI and created a logo in SVG format using Adobe Illustrator.
• Developed a JavaScript file in jQuery that makes HTTP GET and POST requests to a third-party API.

Project: Wino | Wine Cellar App (
Environment: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, Express, MongoDB
• Created an authentication system in Mongoose ODM with bcrypt for password hashing and salting.
• Developed a JavaScript file in jQuery that manipulates DOM elements and makes HTTP requests.

Project: Portfolio Site (
Environment: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
• Developed CSS stylesheets using Sass/SCSS precompiler to allow for a modular structure.
• Refactored code in order to improve its readability, functionality, and overall internal structure.

Project: Website Template (
Environment: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
• Designed UI mockups in Balsamiq Cloud and manipulated images using Adobe Photoshop.
• Utilized CSS Grid, Flexbox, and media queries in a mobile-first approach to responsive web design.


Art Institute of Seattle, Graphic Design
Finished 43 credits toward the Bachelor of Arts


Ramstein American High School

Graduated 2002