Matthew Conrad Front-End Developer

Highly-motivated front-end developer with freelance experience. Specializes in JavaScript-based technologies such as React. Freelance experience includes designing and developing static web sites for clients. Completed 12+ projects ranging from freelance web sites to small web applications.


Front End: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (ES6+), Sass/SCSS

Libraries: React, Rx.js, D3.js, TensorFlow.js, Three.js

Frameworks: Express, Next.js, Vue.js, Laravel, Django

Back End: Node.js, PHP, Python, SQL, AWS

Databases: PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB

Tools: Git, Webpack, Gulp, Docker, CircleCI

Relevant Experience and Work History

Albertsons, Deli Clerk

February 2019—Current

Excellent customer service, preparation of deli items, and food sanitation practices., Freelancer

January 2019—Current

Designed UI mockups in Adobe XD that are then developed for use on the web utilizing principles of responsive web design and deployed to a hosting service.


Project: TravelStar (
Environment: HTML, Sass/SCSS, jQuery, PHP, Laravel
Description: Created using Laravel, "TravelStar" is a small web application hosted on Heroku that prompts a user to search the Sygic Travel third-party API for a list of top ten tourist attractions such as landmarks, top tourist activities such as bus tours, photos of the location taken by tourists, and various dining options in the area.
• Designed interfaces using jQuery UI and created a logo in SVG format using Adobe Illustrator.
• Developed a JavaScript file in jQuery that makes HTTP GET and POST requests to a third-party API.

Project: Wino (
Environment: HTML, CSS, jQuery, Node.js, Express, MongoDB
Description: Created in the Node.js Express framework, "Wino" is a wine cellar management app that features a user authentication system created for MongoDB using Mongoose ODM that allows a user to create a secure account and then search the API for wine, edit wine bottle information, and add information to a collection.
• Created an authentication system in Mongoose ODM with bcrypt for password hashing and salting.
• Developed a JavaScript file in jQuery that manipulates DOM elements and makes HTTP requests.


The Art Institute of Seattle, Graphic Design
Finished 43 credits toward the Bachelor of Fine Arts