Hi, I'm Matt Conrad

I build web sites and apps


What I Do

I design responsive web sites and apps from the ground up beginning with wireframe mockups then develop those designs for the web using computer programming.

Responsive Design

I design web applications so that the layout adjusts itself according to different device screen sizes utilizing a mobile-first approach to responsive web design.

Application Development

I program for the front end using libraries like React and tools like Sass, and program for the back end in languages like PHP with frameworks like Laravel.

Security Practices

I apply security best practices in my work such as implementing HTTPS, x-xss-protection security headers, and content security policies in my applications.

Who I Am

I'm Matt, a web developer based in Seattle. Computers have always fascinated me. My earliest memories of using a computer include playing with an old cartoon creation program for MS-DOS called Cartooners.

Personal Projects

Simply hover over one of the images and click for more information. A window will then pop up containing a link to the project's GitHub repository as well as a link to view the project as a live site.

My Blog
Interactive Registration Form
Twitter Interface
Wine Cellar App
Random Quote Generator
Architecture Firm Template
Performer Site
Employee Directory
Parallax Demonstration
Travel App


Feel free to contact me if you would like to collaborate on a project or have any general inquiries.